What are the case studies about?

Both Jim and Brad discuss the concerns and solutions, or the middle ground, from, respectively, the administrator’s and lawyer’s perspective.


Ø      Tommy is told to change his clothes or turn his Marilyn Manson t-shirt inside out. He refuses. (Page 41.)

Ø      A freshman says she heard another student brag that he had a switchblade in his backpack. (Page 56.)

Ø      A girl is left stranded in the school parking lot long after the game, without a ride. (Page 21.)

Ø      The teacher’s new cell phone that she had shown the class is now missing from her top drawer. (Page 68.) 

Ø      A girl receives an e-mail that she will be beaten up if she tries out for the cheerleading squad. (Page 81.)

Ø      Homeschooling parents want three of their (six) kids admitted, one as a full-time junior, another in the band class, the third to special ed. (Page 97.)

Ø      Four teachers, while bowling, talk about a student’s arrest record—and are overheard by the boy’s uncle. (Page 121.)

Ø      A third grade teacher and a janitor are found in a heated embrace in the broom closet. (Page 140.)

Ø      A new teacher is threatened with termination and more by the mother of a student who may have turned in her assignment but got a "zero" instead. (Page 160.)

Ø      A divorced couple put their ten-year-old son in the middle of their volatile relationship, each demanding special attention from the teachers and staff. (Page 166.)

Ø      A kindergartner is sent to school without underwear—with her mother’s approval. (Page 173.)

Ø      The principal uses the vending machine coins to pay for refreshments at meetings…and more. (Page 185.)

Ø      Michael shows up at registration as Michelle, a senior who also expects to use the female restrooms and locker rooms. (Page 198.)

Ø      A local church wants to use the elementary public school’s facilities and its upcoming events web page for a "Bible Bowl." (Page 218.)

Ø      Mary, a freshman, is slurring her words and has popped something into her mouth. What’s her physics teacher to do? (Page 241.)

Ø      Do they cancel the annual South School "potluck" when a series of food poisonings take place at a neighboring district’s food festival? (Page 251.)



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