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Join Virtual Book Study & Get Free Copy of Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education by Burgett and Schwartz


The IPA (Illinois Principals Association) Foundation is sponsoring a virtual book study of Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education: Balancing Best Practices and the Law written by Jim Burgett and Brian Schwartz. This important work discusses the clear and effective leadership necessary to navigate the difficult existence between good instructional practices and the law. Do not miss this unique and fun learning experience that will allow you to share and grow with your colleagues from throughout the state. All that is expected of you is that you, beginning December 1, read one chapter of Finding Middle Ground each week and respond to the discussion questions posted on the IPA Network’s Finding Middle Ground group (http://ipaprincipalsprinciples.ning.com/). The book contains 12 chapters in total. The IPA Foundation will provide a free copy of (this book) to the FIRST 20 IPA Members committed to participating in the entire study and (who) email their contact information to Jason Leahy, IPA Executive Director, at jason@ilprincipals.org. If you are not one of the first 20 to respond, please be sure to participate. Copies of the book can be purchased at http://www.middlegroundforeducators.com.


IPA (Illinois Principals Association) PrinciPal Connection, newsletter of 11/9/2009


This book is a winner big time! Finding Middle Ground is the fastest, best educational book I've ever read—and so much fun too. All educators would benefit from it. The format is perfect—the book works well beyond the “niche” of education and law.


Andy Carmitchel is a consultant, speaker, and author, plus a retired teacher, high school principal, and assistant superintendent at several districts in Illinois.


Finding Common Ground should be required reading for all ed leadership law classes--practical and relevant. 

Jim Burgett and Brian Schwartz bring expertise, wit, and wisdom to this book like only they can. Their book about balancing best practices and the law is a must read for anyone looking for a practical and applicable approach to handling difficult situations and guaranteeing that what is best for kids is never compromised.


 Jason Leahy, Executive Director, Illinois Principals Association


Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education provides an easy-to-understand, common sense approach to dealing with school problems. The scenarios are excellent examples of how to uphold school laws in a way that solves problems instead of creating more problems--a must for school administrators' desks.

Dr. Michael Johnson, Executive Director Emeritus, Illinois Association of School Boards

Great book. Finding Common Ground in K-12 Education is an outstanding resource for all teachers and administrators, written in concise, plain English.”

Dr. Brad Colwell, President-Elect, Education Law Association

Written in a conversational, informal style that keeps legal-educational jargon to a minimum, Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education is a highly readable collection of practical advice, accompanied by useful hypothetical case studies that highlight the application of the law in K-12 schools. It is a welcomed addition to the professional libraries of administrators, teachers, parents and all who are interested in education.

Charles J. Russo, J.D., Ed.D., Panzer Chair in Education and Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Dayton.

Improving teaching and learning in your district begins with leadership at the top.  Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education delivers real word advice, powerful examples, and high impact ideas that School Boards and Superintendents must share for collaborative leadership that will make an enduring difference to students, teachers, and communities.


Dr. Max McGee, President, Illinois Math and Science Academy



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